my counseling approach

I counsel from an integrative perspective and theoretical orientation that acknowledges and promotes all human capacities of experience in relationship with others.  These are not exclusive but include developmental, cognitive, affective, physiological, spiritual and relational components. Also download details of my Counseling Orientation on the Forms page.

relationally focused

While human experiences can be viewed as separate, unique dimensions, relationships are where those experiences become integrated and most actuated. Many counseling orientations consider the relational context in therapy, however, I fundamentally focus here when considering the clients’ purpose and goals in their therapeutic process.



My main goal is to help you find a counselor who meets your needs.  Review the accompanying information to learn about my counseling approach and how I may uniquely meet those needs.


I provide phone or office consultations to new clients for a nominal fee. Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information about my counseling approach and evaluate my suitability for your personal needs.

individual & couples counseling

Counseling is a therapeutic process where individuals seek improvement in their quality of life and experiences. This is effective in individually focused or couples’ counseling, both of which I value and offer to clients.  I am committed to helping you in the area that you consider the most beneficial, while promoting improvement in all areas of your life